Call Minding

It's a dilemma. You're so busy working you can't stop to answer your mobile phone. if you do, you may lose your focus, if you don't, you may lose your next job. We can remove all this stress, and ensure you never lose another customer.

We will give you a dedicated local telephone number, allowing us to answer your calls in your business name, in a professional manner, and send you instantaneous transcripts via email (which can forward to your smart phone).

Call routing can be adjusted to suit your needs, for example so that out-of-hours calls are forwarded to your mobile phone, or if you prefer, to a bespoke voicemail facility, which you may easily access whenever needed.

Our budget plan, costs just £100 per month, with a £100 set-up fee which covers the build of your client interface (ensuring our staff ask the right questions) and securing you a local telephone number, which people will trust. Other plans are available for those with higher or variable traffic.

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Note: Available as part of our value packages.
Subject to additional costs if quota basis is exceeded.