What we offer is . . .

Total Client Confidentiality.

Whatever information you share with us, whether your personal data, or business information, and however it is provided, whether elctronically or in hard copy, we promise not to share, nor to allow such information to be accessed by any third party. Our staff are required to sign a Data Protection Declaration, and we faithfully incorporate the 8 points of the Data Protection Act 1998 into all our data handling procedures.

All we ask is . . .

You use our website with respect.

Any third party is welcome to visit and browse our website for the usual purposes.

Email addresses quoted are for the use of clients and potential clients making genuine enquiries regarding our services, and not for purposes of indescriminate mass marketing ie. spam. Senders of unsolicited emails which represent a nuisance, may be prosecuted. Additionally we are registered with the Telephone, Fax and Email Preference Services and do not accept unsolicited calls.

Prices and terms appearing on this website are subject to the E&OE protocol, and SBS (UK) Ltd. will not accept liability for any errors which may from time to time arise. This information is intended to be a guide only and does not replace a proper quotation following consultation.

No content in terms of copy or photographs may be reproduced either in part or whole by any party without the express written permission of SBS (UK) Ltd.